If you hate reading through long critiques, then to save you time my summary is – you must come on this course. If you have a digital camera but are so daunted by its array of functions that you keep it on “auto” mode - you must come on this course. If you are experienced and think you know how to get the best out of your state-of-the-art digital camera - you must come on this course. If you appreciate a day spent in the company of two great characters who are passionate about the beauty of Exmoor, passionate about photography, passionate about helping you to get the most from you camera - you must come on this course. Take an old codger too close to his 70th for comfort and an ancient camera that should be in a photographic museum. Pair him up with a younger man armed with a modern high-tech piece of kit. Give them one-on-one patient and expert tuition and what is the result? Both ended up taking photographs they would not have believed possible. Both felt 10 foot tall! What the amazing combo of Jack and Jamie achieved in just one day is beyond expectation. What to be amazed and proud of yourselves? YOU MUST COME ON THIS COURSE                     

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Customer reviews snapshots

"Jack not only knows his subject very well, he is a terrific teacher. Patient, enthusiastic and enjoys imparting his knowledge...."
V Corby / UK
"What a great day I had! At the start of a two week holiday I booked a day course with Jack and Jamie. It was perfect...."
Cindy Kridgee / Holland
"Another brilliant day out and this is my third course with Jack and Jamie. They have a winning formula which will keep you going back...."
Jo Williams / UK
"An excellent day, Jack and Jamie's knowledge and the skills with which they impart that information is awesome. I have never learnt so much in one day...."
Rob Smith / UK

Peter Shepherd 21/01/2018
Another fantastic day with Jack & Alison learning how to get the best out of my new 5D Mk4. Jack's vast technical knowledge of the latest cameras is incredible - this coupled with his passion for photography is definitely a winning combination. He has an innate knack for pitching things at the right level - I learned so much about landscape photography on the day plus Jack helped me set the 5D Mk4 up so I can continue to get the best out of it. Jack & Alison spent the whole day making sure I was very well looked after - nothing was too much trouble!
I can't recommend these guys highly enough & will be going back to Exmoor Photography again soon!!

Carol Rous16/01/2018
Review: I’m very new to photography and was a little nervous about the half day workshop but I had a brilliant day. Jack is a great teacher - very knowledgeable but importantly very patient and kind. We had a great day visiting 2 beautiful locations on Exmoor. I learnt such a lot and have my camera off automatic at last! Can’t wait to do the full day. Flapjacks were delicious. Thank you.

Sophie F 26 10 2017
Fabulous experience immersing yourself in photography
Jack and Jamie showed a passion for photography and were so well informed about the cameras that we had. We learnt so much and enjoyed ourselves on the various locations. This 4 hour course was the best money we spent on our holiday in Devon. Thank you Tripadvisor for letting us know about it.

John Brady 18 10 2017
Red Deer, Like all the other reviews, I totally agree with, i just got back at close to midnight after a great / amazing day out with Jack, Jamie, will be booking again in the next couple of days, of course it will be booking the kingfisher day for my 2nd outing,My brother in law has agreed to come so just sorting out dates, Thank you Jack , Jamie and Alison for an amazing day out, Another one off my bucket list, if anyone wants to know the true meaning of a "Professional" person or company book with Jack and his team,see you soon,
kindest regards and best wishes

Colin Brewer 14 10 2017
red deer rut
If you want to know about your camera go to Exmoor photography spend some time with Jack and you'll get to know everything, you will know how to take pics of all types of animals on many of his courses very patient knowledgeable on all aspects of the camera and photography. Jack & Jamie you've done it again my brother and i enjoyed every minute of all the stalks big thanks to you. As for Alison Jack's wife the food as always is superb some lovely treats definitely will be back. Jamie's knowledge on how to stalk red deer is second to none in getting so close but not disturb clever.

Peter S 13 10 2017
Red Deer Rut Photo Course
Fantastic day on Exmoor with Jack Clegg. Extremely well organised and yet a totally relaxed day. Jack is an expert on all aspects of photography and his knowledge of Exmoor and it's wonderful stags is brilliant. Jack and his guide Jamie successfully placed us in ideal positions to take some wonderful photos of stages throughout the day. Highly recommended for the beginner and experienced amatuer photographer alike.

Val C 01 10 2017
5* plus photography course
I recently upgraded to Nikon D7500. Enjoyed again another 1 to 1 with Jack this week. I'm more confident than ever plus learnt new settings and special effects possible with new camera and lens. Jack tutors at the pace of his students making sure you understand the topics before practicing the shots. It doesn't matter if your camera is a beginners SLR, bridge or professional one, Exmoor Photography is for all levels.
Thanks Jack and Alison.

Eoin H 01 10 2017
Expert photography tuition, sensibly explained in wonderful countryside.
I treated myself on my birthday to the 1-1 landscape photography course and was completely satisfied. A long day, covering several different areas around North Devon and North Somerset with an expert teacher who had taken the trouble to read up about my specific camera the night before. Food and drink were plentiful and the subsequent backup of notes, tips and links have rounded off an excellent birthday present.
Putting my money where my mouth is, I have booked two more courses already.
Thanks Jack and Alison.

Gwyneth W 15 09 2017
Learning about my new bridge camera
Once again Jack went over and above what was expected on my Exmoor Photography Work shop. I asked him to show me how to use the hidden secrets of my new bridge camera. Not only did he research my camera the evening before my course but on our return he spent time looking for the answer to something that he couldn't find out during our time together. Exmoor is a beautiful place and if you enjoy taking photos then book your course now and learn more from Jack. Thank you Jack for all that you taught me this time - I'll be back!

Paul B 08 09 2017
Excellent value for money
We booked a taster course to learn more about our cameras and could not have been more pleased. The locations we were taken to were beautiful, driven in comfort, with coffee and cake on tap. Jack and Jamie were incredibly knowledgeable and patient with us, and we left with more information in our heads than we thought possible! Thankfully the handouts we brought away with us have proved an excellent prompt to our memories, and are so well written that we are able to follow the instructions with no trouble at all. I have to say that our photography has improved beyond measure, and we are so pleased with the results. We are both far more comfortable with our cameras and picture taking, the only downside is that our walks are taking far longer than they used to!

Dale G 25 08 2017
Another fantastic course with Exmoor Photography!
This was my second course with Jack and my learning continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Jack was more than happy to be flexible and customise the course to include new destinations and focusing on the aspects that I wanted the most help on. The day was jam packed full of practical tips and skills. Insisting that I perform all the adjustments for each shot ensures that the learning is embedded rather than quickly forgotten. Jack is patient, a good listener, and very encouraging, making sure I got what I wanted out of the day. Alison's lunch and snacks were, as before, excellent! Many thanks both, I would highly recommend a course with you to anyone.

Claire P 24 08 2017
Thanks so much to Jack and Jamie for a fantastic day on Exmoor with my daughter. You are excellent teachers and knowledgeable not only about photography but also about all the wonderful wildlife on Exmoor. My daughter learned absolutely loads and is looking forward to putting it all into practice.

Sarah T 21 08 2017
Thank you Jack, Jamie and Alison for a great day today. Jack, your training is clear, patient and supportive, especially since I was so new to it all. If anyone is considering going on this workshop, please do. I had just purchased a secondhand Nikon D200 - my very first camera and I had very little knowledge about photography or how to use it. By the end of the day I could make sense of many of the features and actually remembered most of what I had been taught!
I would never have been able to figure this out on my own or through reading a manual. I particularly liked learning different things at different locations. I am sure that he led to embed the learning. Thanks to Jamie too who was supporting Jack and offering his expertise - and to Alison who was very efficient and professional from the start, from taking the booking to providing the lovely lunch.
Highly recommended.

Diana A 19 08 2017
Arrived nervous, left full of confidence
Thank you so much Jack for a really good workshop. I learnt so much, your teaching method is so clear that it disentangles the maze of camera settings into a logical progression. I feel I can now go and make the photographs I see in my mind into a reality for the record. I fully intend to practice what I learnt as soon as possible to consolidate all that valuable information into my ageing grey matter. I hope very much to do you justice. I can't recommend this course highly enough. It was such an enjoyable day. High five! Diana

Karen telling 06 08 2017
Many thanks to Jack, Jamie and Allison for a wonderful day. My head was spinning by the end of the day, full of iso's, f stops, apertures and exposure compensation, I was worried I wouldn't get to sleep! I learnt so much and looking forward to getting out and about with my camera, accessories and new found knowledge to take some amazing landscape shots!
Thanks to Allison for wonderful lunch and endless cups of tea, flapjacks and muffins - even if it did mean a few stops at the various facilities en route! 
I'm so glad I managed to make it in the end, thank you all. I'll definitely be signing up for another day, hopefully wildlife and hope to see some kingfishers soon too!

Cindy Krigee 02 08 2017
What a great day I had! At the start of a two week holiday I booked a day course with Jack and Jamie. It was perfect. With Allison providing flapjacks and lunch, as much coffee as I could possibly drink and the men taking care I was comfortable in every way all through the day I really felt like customer's king!
With my digital Canon camera I felt every bit a photographer and Jack managed to explain aperture, iso and shutter speed in a way that I could actually remember most of it the next day!
Everything I wanted to learn was accomplished by the end of the day! And the laminated hand out is now a permament resident in my bag, haha!
Thank you Jamie and Jack for a great day; if I ever travel back to Devon I will certainly book another course with you!
Oh, and a special thanks to Allison from my husband Frank and daughters Heather and Moira, who fully enjoyed the leftover flapjacks!

Robert Nutter 21 07 2017
Many thanks to Jack, Jamie and Alison for the most wonderful day. Like many people, I have taken photos for many years, but have become lazy, just setting the camera into automatic mode. Modern technology has moved on so much (I even struggle with the TV remote these days) that I was completely unaware of the full abilities of my Canon 7D, but Jack and Jamie were able to explain, in terms and at a pace that even I could understand. Their friendliness, knowledge and enthusiasm was evident from the moment I met, and contributed to such an enjoyable day. The ability to listen to the customer, and adapt / include elements specific to the persons own photographic interests was much appreciated. Jack even set up a couple of modes on my camera to help in my particular interest of motor sport. Finally, I can't finish this review without mentioning Alison's excellent picnic, and the those wonderful Flatjacks and Muffins. I will be booking another coarse with you in the future. Many thanks.

Craig & Jenna 19 07 2017 5 stars is not good enough.
Firstly a massive thank you Alison for lunch, lovely lunch much better than is printed on the order form supplied with as much tea, coffee and water as we wanted, Alison thank You! Now to the main part Jack & Jamie are probably the most nicest easy going instructors and people I have yet to come across.
Nothing felt rushed at all the explanation was slow and carefully explained. I'm not going to say I understood everything because I didn't.
However Jack has taken the time to print everything off (and laminate) that we need to know when coming to basics of camera operation, so when we need to we can refer back to it when I mess up. One thing we were concerned about was miles and miles of walking and no toilet breaks, this WASN'T the case at all Jack & Jamie have passes to get most places, which is good as if there was loads of walking I think it would of made us too tired to enjoy the day as much as we did.
To sum up a very very good day we will be practising what we have been taught and will be going on one of Jack's red dear days, I'm very impressed with just some of the pictures I managed to take knowing barely sod all, what I have taken away yesterday was a life time of knowledge that I can use everywhere and anywhere I go. Thank Jack & Jamie and of course Alison
From Craig & Jenna

Matt Coombs 27 06 2017
Massive thanks to Jack for a splendid time on Exmoor. I booked the 4 hours taster session and I can't believe what I've learned in such a short space of time. Not only has my photography improved already, but I've gained some great information about my camera, lenses and picked up a few great locations. Just to finish it off, I had a great time and Jack was a pleasure to learn from. I couldn't recommend Exmoor Photography high enough and I will be coming again soon.
Many thanks Jack, thanks to Ali for the delicious cakes & flapjacks and I'm looking forward to meeting Jamie
All the best
Matt C

V Corby 26 06 2017
Jack not only knows his subject very well, he is a terrific teacher. Patient, enthusiastic and enjoys imparting his knowledge. He ensures you understand all the points before he moves on to another topic and produces professionally produced illustrated notes which will be a useful aid memoir. I am now much more confident using my camera (Nikon) now. I also took some great shots as a result of Jack's tutoring. I will definitely book the next stage. if you are a beginner, or intermediate ((like me) or have lots of experience Jack will tutor to your level. Thanks also to his wife Alison for providing refreshments.

Mike H 10 06 2017
I would like to thank Jack and Jamie for a fantastic day, I got more information in the first hour about my camera and photography than I had been able to pick up from you tube or the user manuals over the last few years. They both put the information over to me in a very user friendly way. I was a real auto settings person, but now i am using all the settings to take my photo's. If you are thinking of taking a photography course, then I would really recommend taking one with these guys!!! The whole day, including the food was one I will remember for a long time, thanks to the whole team, maybe see you again in the future, Mike.

John Dillon 09 06 2017
All the reviews below say it all. I cannot praise Jack,Jamie & Alison enough for what they showed me what I & my camera can do. Would not hesitate to recommend one of these courses to any budding and even more experienced photographers.
Thanks for a great day.

V Coombs 01 06 2017
I have just spent a lovely few hours on and around Exmoor with Jack Clegg and my camera. I have now done several courses with Exmoor Photography and this workshop was to clarify a few points that I had forgotten. Jack made sure that he covered all the points that I asked about and spent far longer than the four hours that were scheduled. I am already planning my next course with Jack and Jamie to see and photograph Cuckoos next Spring. Whether you have never used a camera before or want to update previously held skills, Exmoor Photography is the place to go. The scenery amazing, the wildlife is spectacular and the company is welcoming.

Lorna G 31 05 2017
Landscape photography course
What a fantastic day! Thank you Jack and Jamie for teaching me how to make the most out of my camera. A great range of location, excellent knowledge and flexibility to help individual needs. I highly recommend this course to anyone in the area.

Ian R 21 05 2017
Very enjoyable and informative day out.
Had a really great day out with Jack and Jamie doing the landscape course. Both were very knowledgeable, friendly and great company. They really helped me take my photography to the next level. They were excellent at teaching the fundamentals but also just being around them and learning how they thought about photography was an invaluable learning experience. I would definitely like to do one of the other courses in the future. This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the delicious home-made lunch and cakes! Thanks for a great day out chaps.

Jo Williams 12 05 2017
Ham Wall course.
Another brilliant day out and this is my third course with Jack and Jamie. They have a winning formula which will keep you going back. 
Great instruction on the use of your camera and very knowledgeable on the wildlife around. All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with plenty of tea and cake to keep you going.

L Dewey 07 05 2017
“Landscape Photography - getting off Auto using a compact camera”
A brilliant day and so well organised with very friendly, knowledgeable, patient teachers. Can't praise the course enough. I have learnt so much and was able to practice all I was being taught. I certainly am no longer afraid to take my camera off auto, and am looking forward to using the different camera settings on my holiday to Canada. Thanks also to Alison for providing a fantastic lunch, and gorgeous flapjack. Would thoroughly recommend this course, I certainly hope to be back to do another course.

Gwyneth Waddington 21 04 2017
Want to improve your photography skills and have fun - read on. This is my sixth photography course with Jack, and each time I have learned, retained and put into practice something new. Jack is the most patient and knowledgeable teacher of the art of photography who also knows and understands the wildlife on Exmoor. This time he found a herd of Exmoor ponies with their foals on which to practice different camera settings. So if you want to improve your photography skills and have a really enjoyable day out then book your course now!

Michael Edwards  09 04 2017
I had a wonderful day with Jack & Jamie, I learnt more in the first half hour at the meet and greet than all the magazines I have been reading. Jack talked to me in lay mans terms and didn't spout a load of technical data that would have gone over my head. When we arrived at Ham Wall Jack set my camera up then Jamie took me off around the reserve retuning to the central point for coffee and home made cake and an excellent lunch prepared by Jack's wife Alison. Jack's skill with the camera was matched by Jamie's skill and knowledge of the spotting the birds and putting me in the right place to take a picture.
It was more like a day out with friends than a tutorial and for any one who wants to get the best out of his camera and have a good fun day into the bargain I can't recommend this day enough and indeed I hope to go on the Landscape course later in the year.

Robert Smith 17 03 2017
An excellent day, Jack and Jamie's knowledge and the skills with which they impart that information is awesome. I have never learnt so much in one day. The way they know there way around such a diverse range of cameras is extraordinary I can only assume they had previous careers writing manuals for cannon, Nikon ,Sony and Panasonic. Next time I can't use the microwave I think I'll just give them a ring . All the locations were staggeringly beautiful and topped off with a lovely lunch. All in all a wonderful and entertaining day in which I learnt so much ,I can't wait to get on another course. Rob .

Karen Millington 28 02 2017
Landscape Photography Course
A fantastic enjoyable day in beautiful surroundings with great teachers. Brilliantly organised! Can't speak highly enough of Jack, Jamie and Alison. We will definitely be back to do another course.

Nick S 20 02 2017 Landscape Course
Other reviews sum it up. Great, patient teachers of photography and camera skills. Great locations. Great food. Nothing too much of a problem. Recommend this course to all. Booking another course different subject.

June G 20 02 2017 Landscape Photography Course
Lots of effort put into me having a great day out. Tuition clear and concise, area beautiful, food very good Will go again soon for a top up

Jenni Goosen 18 11 2016
I can't recommend this course highly enough for anyone wanting to improve their photography skills at any level. I attended Jack's course with my husband and father and think we posed quite a challenge to Jack. We were all of varying abilities (both camera skills and physically) and had very different cameras! Jack was amazing both in teaching us how to use our cameras and also get the most out of our pictures. We learned so much in one day.
As a bonus, we travelled to many beautiful spots on Exmoor making it a great day out all round.
Jack looked after us all very well making sure we were all able to participate. To top it off we feasted on an amazing lunch and cakes and flapjacks put together by Alison. Many thanks Jack and Alison. We'll definitely be back for more. xx

John Fowler 15.11.16
I was given a voucher for my photography course as a birthday gift and it was a superb present. Jack, who is a very knowledgeable photographer, gave me clear instructions, help and advice which gave me the confidence to use my camera on different settings and applications. Jack is also very knowledgeable about the Exmoor area and took me to places I have never seen before and which were beautiful. Thank you Jack, you will almost certainly see me again on another course in the future.
John P.S. thank you for the cake with the candle, it was delicious.

Gordon S 06 11 2016
Even though we didn't have the best of weather, we still had a very successful day photographing deer. This was due to a combination of Jamie's stalking skills and Jack's photography skills, aided by a lovely packed lunch from Alison to keep us fuelled up. Jack was particularly helpful, given that the two of us were at very different photography skills levels - we each felt we got really good support and advice from him. We have both come home with some lovely images. Overall, we can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks to all from Gordon and Jim.

John R 03 11 2016
I spent an excellent day with Jack & Jamie on a one to one landscape course this week. I learnt a great deal and can now use my camera more effectively. I now have some excellent photos from the day. The whole day was very well organised and nothing was too much trouble and explanations were clear and easy to absorb. My thanks to everyone and also Allison for the food, cake and flapjacks! Thank you John Rees

Bob 23 10 2016
I spent a day with Jack & Jamie photographing Red Deer stags on Exmoor. It was a fantastic day - I learned so much about my camera, Red Deer stalking and about the deer themselves. Jack & Jamie have a superb customer- oriented approach that's relaxed, friendly, informal and yet very professional. I particularly like the fact that they encourage and practice an ethos that's very respectful of the wild deer - we left the deer where they were after a stalk I.e. They weren't disturbed in any way! Also, if anyone else was "on" a stag they'd move away to another area - respecting both other photographers and the stags. The food and drink supplied was plentiful and excellent quality too. I should also mention that the aim of the day was fully achieved in that I got some great images of the stags. I'd high recommend Exmoor Photography and will definitely plan to attend other courses run by Jack.

Paul 17 10 2016
I had a superb day (Red Stag Course) with Jack and Jamie. They are really down to earth people with a great sense of humour and excellent technical know-how. I really enjoyed the structure and the pace of the day where we visited several locations to stalk the deer. We had a great success rate on the day and I have a folder of great photos. I have since used the stalking skills to return to Exmoor and do my own stalk with huge success. I was unfortunate to have some camera troubles on the day but Jack was a star and saved the day by very kindly lending me his camera without any hesitation - thank you Jack!!!! I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a photography course on Exmoor. Oh and I mustn't forget to mention the food was fabulous and hot drinks galore!

Ian 15 10 2016
Red Stag Day with Jack and Jamie was amazing ... having not done anything like it before I didn't know what to expect ... but I had a great day on the moor plus learning a lot about my camera .. just having a more personal touch of one on one training .. helps and tips ... on photography was a great help ... also thanks to Allison for the food / coffee that kept us going and warm on the moor If anyone wants a great training / photography day I can recommend it .... thanks to the team for a great day

jo parsons 11 10 2016
It’s the second course I’ve done with Jack and Jamie, and yet again a more than pleasurable day out,
Jack and Jamie have a wealth of knowledge, which they pass over in a relaxed manner, Jack will get you as close as viable in the car, then it’s a chat about best camera settings… Then Jamie leads you as close to the Stags as possible without disturbing them, Jamie will also provide advise as you go along on camera settings… And it’s amazing how close Jamie can get you
Yet again, I returned home not only with some amazing photographs, but more knowledge about getting even more from my camera.
I will certainly be booking again for 2017.
Visited October 2016

Caz 07 10 2016
Had an amazing day yesterday Friday 7th of Oct. Photographing the red deer. Jack and Jamie get you so close to them to get fantastic shots.
They are both so skilled in there knowledge and knowing where the deer are. They both help you with your camera to get the best shots. I highly recommend if anyone wants to see and photograph the red deer in there natural environment then book up a trip with Jack. This is my second trip and will be doing it again another year. Caz

Katrina M 26 09 2016
My day with Jack and Jamie exceeded all my expectations. It was well structured, and each session built on the previous ones. During the day I found out that my camera was a much more powerful creative machine than I realised, as Jack and Jamie demystified all the photography terms that had previously had me reaching for the preset options; ISOs, shutter speeds, apertures etc. All of this set in stunning Exmoor locations. We were very well looked after during the day with regular comfort breaks, lots of tea and coffee, and lunch provided by Jack's wife, Alison.
A personal triumph for me was taking a picture of a bee in flight during the final session on macro photography.
All of this with two excellent and patient teachers, who were also good company and clearly passionate about sharing their knowledge of photography and Exmoor. I would thoroughly recommend this course and will certainly be going on another one in the future.
Thank you both!

John Slater 24 09 2016
I can’t praise Alison, Jack & Jamie highly enough. From the initial contact and organisation with Alison through to the course itself everyone was so friendly and professional. Everything is meticulously thought through from arriving at the shop, drinks throughout the day, lunch and the locations selected.
I had a brilliant time on the course and will be going back again in the future. Jack & Jamie’s photographic knowledge is extensive both in its breadth and depth. Often people who have great knowledge struggle to communicate it effectively to others who want to learn. This couldn’t be further from the truth with Jack and Jamie. They were able to explain new concepts to me and improve my existing knowledge at the same time. I now feel like I have a new camera as I have learned to do so much more with it. I suspect that everyone from a complete beginner to the very experienced would enjoy and benefit from working with Jack and Jamie.
If you are looking for a professionally run photography course in the most beautiful and varied landscape (moors and coast) then you can feel comfortable booking with Exmore Photography.

T Jowet 14 09 2016
My day spent with Jack and Jamie surpassed all my expectations. I learnt so much in those hours and in such a structured, enjoyable way. They both went to great lengths to ensure I was able to understand and use the information to demystify all those settings on my camera I didn't even know existed! I left feeling much more confident and their passion for photography is totally infectious. The locations visited are stunning. Jack's wife provided the best ever sandwiches and snacks too. A brilliant day - I have much practising to do first, but I know I shall be planning a return visit.

Naomi Hanson 10 09 2016
I could not recommend this course more! Such excellent teaching throughout the day on some of Exmoor's most stunning locations. My Dad and I went on this course however what we did not realise though that we'd be getting 1:1 coaching all throughout the day. Jack and Jamie were great company as well as excellent teachers.
Before this course I used to take photos a lot , however I did not realise half of the functions that the camera did or how to use them. Both Jack and Jamie were very patient and great at explaining the functions, as well as showing me all the potential the camera had. I didn't realise all the things that you could learn in one day. After struggling having read many photography how to books, and tutorials, having someone explain and show to you in person really helped to engage with the information.
The locations were also amazing, with some really beautiful things to shoot and really showed the variety of things that you can do with the camera. Now I know how to get that 'smooth' water effect that I've been trying to do for ages.
We also received hand outs which we got to take away, these are particularly useful for reference later on! As well as an amazing lunch and various coffees, teas and snacks throughout the day! Overall an amazing experience and a really great course! Thank you both for such a nice time, I know that I will use what I have learnt for all my photos from now on.

Tina J 12 09 2016
My day spent with Jack and Jamie surpassed all my expectations. I learnt so much in those hours and in such a structured, enjoyable way. They both went to great lengths to ensure I was able to understand and use the information to demystify all those settings on my camera I didn't even know existed! I left feeling much more confident and their passion for photography is totally infectious. The locations visited are stunning. Jack's wife provided the best ever sandwiches and snacks too. A brilliant day - I have much practising to do first, but I know I shall be planning a return visit.

Paul F 24 08 2016
I had a fantastic day on this course. Both Jack and Jamie were very patient and knowledgeable tutors and their boundless enthusiasm for photography did not wain at all during the course. I could not imagine that I would learn so much in one day. I am now pressing buttons on my Cannon that I never knew existed.
The locations chosen for the day were perfect. At Watersmeet I even got to take some very reasonable pictures of one of my favourite birds-the dipper (obviously with some excellent coaching from the guys).
The hand-out that I was given to take away, I know, will prove invaluable. All photographs that I have taken since the course have reinforced how much I learnt on that day. I am actually beginning to think that I might get good at this photography lark.
If you are thinking of going on this course, then do. I highly recommend it.
p.s. Thank you to Alison for the best tuna/mayo sandwiches I have ever eaten.

Emily H 20 08 2016
I went on the full day Standard Landscape course, covering a range of techniques and locations. We visited various well known places on Exmoor, including Watersmeet and Tarr Steps, but the whole day was very easy and very accessible to anyone who may have difficulties getting around. I also have to mention the delicious (and plentiful) food provided by Allison. Despite turning up highly disorganised with no spare battery (essential) or charger, they managed to find me one at the last minute so I didn't miss out on anything. Jack and Jamie were both extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, and I have come away with a much better understanding of how my camera works and a renewed enthusiasm for experimenting. Anyone who has done this course would understand when I say I'm currently obsessed with getting the perfect flying bee picture!

Brian C 18 08 2016
I learnt so much from my day with Jack and Jamie that my mind is still buzzing. I was only using a fraction of the potential that my camera offered and, although I cannot claim to understand it all now, so much is much clearer. The day was well planned with clear objectives and these were all achieved. And I cannot think of more beautiful locations in which to learn. So thanks to Jack and Jamie and for Alison for ensuring that we didn't go hungry. I would highly recommend this course.

Ian R 10 08 2016
I have just read some of the reviews posted here. The praises are universal. However, I would like to add mine too after spending the day with Jack yesterday. From first meeting Jack at 8am, it was clear that the manner of the tutorial day would be a combination of expertise, friendliness and fun. Little did I know just how good the day would be. Before the course, I had poured over the instruction manual of my camera, watched countless tutorials on YouTube and thought a few of my photos weren't bad. During the first photo shoot at the beautiful location of Watersmeet, I was stunned by the results that Jack helped me to get and the day simply got better throughout. The teaching style was relaxed, fun and for me to do the hands on tasks on my camera with Jack's expert guidance. I should also say that I am disabled and Jack was able to take me to locations that I could not have gone to otherwise and I would wholeheartedly recommend to any disabled photographers concerned about getting around on Exmoor to go with Jack. As for the results, what I thought were good photos before were clearly tourist snaps in comparison to what Jack was able to help me achieve during the day and the complete notes provided by Jack will stay in my camera bag just in case some of the guidance slips my mind. I have but one regret from yesterday. I deeply regret having bacon and eggs for breakfast before the start of the day such that I couldn't do proper justice to the superb picnic lunch that Alison provided and enjoy more of the flapjacks (yes, the reviews of Alison's flapjacks are also quite right!) In summary, for the photographer of any level of ability, both photographic and physical, I can not recommend highly enough to join a course with Jack.

Alex R 06 08 2016
I couldn't praise this course anymore if i tried. Jack and Jamie were two of the best teachers that i could've asked for. The way they would praise you on the pictures you took made you feel like you were learning well. They were never annoyed if you didnt understand anything and were more than happy to answer questions even if they had been asked many times before. The whole day was so relaxed and i had learned so much more than i thought i would ever know. I can gladly say that the Auto feature on my camera wont be used very often now. The food was outstanding as well. Thank you for such a lovely day!

Anne P 15 07 2016
What a wonderful day .
My camera had not come out of its box as I was so nervous of setting it up . How quickly Jack organised the settings ,putting me at ease and then Jack and Jamie shared their knowledge ,teaching in such a clear understandable way . I loved watersmeet and tar steps but each location provided a great learning environment. Lunch was fantastic , the flapjacks were great!
I came away feeling comfortable with my camera and have had a great time taking photographs since.
Thankyou so much , the notes have been so useful . I would love to do another course in the future !

Steve G 13 07 2016
Jack is a professional who learned his craft the hard way. He is knowledgeable and a good, patient instructor.
I learned so much in such a short period of time and came away not only inspired, but with a set of notes to help me to remember all I had been shown.
Thanks Jack and Jamie - and thanks to Alison for her organizational skills and her lemon drizzle cake!

Stella S 12 07 2016
Had an excellent and very informative day doing the Landscape photography course with Jack and Jamie. Learnt a great deal about my camera and the techniques to improve the photos taken. It was a great venue which allowed for various subjects to keep interest and allow for several different techniques to be used. Lunch was great as were the flapjacks Alison. Many thanks to you all and a special thank you to Jamie for giving up his day off. Look forward to doing another course soon

Jo Parson 08 06 2016
What a fantastic day….
When I booked the day course, I could not have anticipated how much I was going to learn in one day, nor how good the company would be.
Jack and Jamie, have a way not just explaining the various aspects of your camera settings, but the building of a picture and as you go through the day, they bolt a little bit more at a time, while imparting their years of experience. You really don’t realise how much you learning and absorbing as you go through the day…
And the day is very much about what you want, as a beginner I needed the understanding of Landscape photography, but my true love is wildlife… And as I was the only student on the day, Jack and Jamie very kindly incorporated the two…
One of the highlights of the day, was seeing the Peregrine Falcon, miss its surprise attack of a pigeon, then continue to hunt the pigeon down for several minutes before giving up on its lunch! A once in a life time experience.
And how can one do a review, without mentioning Alison’s flapjack, I’m now an official Convert they were amazing.
It was an awesome day, I have some cracking photograph's which I still get my head around that I took them, with the help of Jack and Jamie, I can truly recommend Jack, Jamie and Alison..

Malcolm Emery 05 07 2016
Thank Jack and Jamie for a wonderful day on Sunday. The weather could not have been any better. I learned more in one day than I have done in the last few years on my own. Highly recommend the course to anybody. One of many photos taken, this is Dunster church.

Rob Harris 05 07 2016
I wish to thank both Jack and Alison for a fantastic morning yesterday. I was very nervous when I arrived but immediately Jack put my mind at ease, this was also made easier as I was the only one on the course. To be shown what my camera was capable of was mind blowing and I am still getting my head around what I was shown. I will do another course, most definitely, once I have mastered what I was shown yesterday. This was an amazing day, great company and Alison, the Flap Jack was outstanding. This was a great Christmas Present!
My son told me last night that he now has purchased a similar camera to me so another member of the family might well be making a call soon. Thanks again for a wonderful morning.

Gary P 27 06 2016
This is without doubt the most amazing course you can go on, as it all compliments it's self, the tuition is very good, the food provided is plentiful and very well made, all home made and the settings are amazing, also both guys know where to go to find the wildlife scenes and flora to make some amazing pictures.
I am still trying to work out when I have to go back to work as I need at least a month to go and practice EVERYTHING Jack and Jaime showed me on Friday, I did not know everything that was on my camera let alone the extra options to do things onboard instead of adjusting it on the PC.
They are patient, knowledgable and really want you to understand and succeed with your camera and lenses, they are genuine nice guys and easy to get on with.
Get your camera out and get on a course.
Excellent day, food and company.

Sean H 24 06 2016
I had one of the most informative and productive photography days ever yesterday thanks to Jack and Lisa at Exmoor photography. A fantastic way to learn about your camera, how to get the best from a shot and skills and techniques to get a result without having to spend hours in Photoshop! I hope I can put the skills I've learnt to good use in the future and cannot recommend highly enough the courses that they run so brilliantly. Thank you both for your time and invaluable experience that you've shared with me.

Nicky B 14 06 2016
Cuckoo & Moorland Bird Special
Wow! Another superb day with Jack & Jamie and Colin who was on the course he took some lovely pics. We saw some fabulous wildlife & of course the
elusive Cuckoo who was everywhere - very exciting!!! Really good fun, I always learn so much with these guys, and at the end of the day a trip to photograph the
Greater Spotted Woodpecker such a beautiful bird. A bit easier to photograph than the speedy Cuckoo. See you all for the Stag Rut Photography...... if not sooner.

Colin B 02 06 2016 Cuckoo & Wildlife Special
Fantastic weather, fantastic day and fantastic tuition with Jack & Jamie and also good company with Nicky who was also on the course with me.
Jack's knowledge of the camera along Jamie's knowledge of wildlife is in my opinion second to none.
Thanks also to a lovely lunch provided by Alison. Will definitely be booking again soon.

MS 02 06 2016 RSPB Ham Wall Special
A Brilliant Day, The instruction was informal and friendly yet very detailed and tailored to my needs. Jack and Jamie were extremely knowledgeable and passionate on both photography and their wildlife. The whole day was a very enjoyable and I learnt a lot.

John M 16 05 2016
I had a brilliant day out with Jack & Jamie. two great guys who were easy to understand and talk to. My knowledge was very basic, but they talked and went through in a nice easy manor. Great weather and superb locations, with a course which was ideal for me. Lots to think about cannot wait to carry on all that I have learnt.
Lunch and drinks were really nice and available at all times. I was the only one on the course which was great for me. so much to take in but really enjoyed the day
Great back up and emails from Jacks wife Alison, I booked on the autumn rut course the same day, hopefully will be a lot more knowledgeable by the time October comes.

Vanessa C 01 04 2016
This is the third full day course that I have had with Jack & Jamie. After each course I leave with more confidence in the use of my camera, I also leave with loads of photographs that I can't quite believe that I took. Jack and Jamie are so patient, they both ensure that you get every chance to take the best possible photographs of a subject and understand the settings required. They also look after you extremely well. Tea, coffee and water is available throughout the day with some lovely cakes and flapjacks made by Jack's wife, Alison. You also get a first class lunch of sandwiches, salads, crisps and fruit. I would recommend one of the Exmoor Photography courses to anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of their camera and learn to get the best out of it.

Paul F 07 04 2016
I had a fabulous day with Jack & Jamie. Two nice guys who patiently teach to how to get the best out of you camera. I had a very interesting and informative day with great Exmoor locations. Jack & Jamie are very easy to get on with and are good relaxed company. Lunch & drinks provided were lovely - don't miss the homemade cakes!!! Overall, this, very well organised and thought out course is must for all who want to better their camera skills

Dave R 23 03 2016
I went on a trip to Ham Wall RSPB Reserve, in Somerset, and by chance ended up with one-to-one tuition. The course was well organised and Jack and Jamie arrived promptly at our agreed meeting point on the reserve (I live nearer to Ham Wall than Porlock and so this was my choice to make my own way there). Before we set off, Jack checked the basic settings on my Canon 7D and immediately I knew that I was going to learn a great deal, as he clearly explained a whole host features and settings which could benefit from a tweak. The rest of the day was a real delight. Jamie, too, is a camera and wildlife expert and he and I started the day with a trip out to a hide where it was known that a pair of marsh harriers were nest-building. With Jack spotting from the car nearby and communicating with Jamie by radio, we not only got some great shots of the marsh harriers but were also alerted to a sunbathing barn owl!
The rest of the morning was spent touring other areas of the reserve and having a masterclass on adjusting picture style settings, white balance and using filters (both in-camera and on-camera), from Jamie. Meeting up with Jack again, we then had a chance to review my knowledge and further tweak my camera settings, before a fantastic lunch. The afternoon was spent with further exploration of the reserve and experimenting with different camera settings.
As a teacher myself, I can say that what made the day so useful, enjoyable and professional was the good balance between the instruction and advice, and the chance to practise. Being led by two experts who reassure, encourage and who are genuine, friendly, easy-going people, made the day a real pleasure and, despite being the only course participant that day, at no time did the day feel awkward.
Having come away with pictures which I'm proud of, of marsh-harriers, barn owls, mink, little grebes, great crested grebes, pochard, tufted ducks, teal, little egrets, great egrets, shoveler ducks, and herons, and having a camera which is now far better set up for such photography, I cannot praise this course too much. A great day and definitely worth the investment. Thank you Exmoor Photography!

Debbie H 19 03 2016
Good morning to all at Exmoor Photography I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for my really fabulous day yesterday. I have to say I felt really spoiled from start to finish and if this is your normal  level of customer care then it us second to none, from my contact mostly by phone with Alison to Jamie as Tripod Waller, something I did not expect. Jack taught me so much in just one day. I have been taking pics for two years and have felt my limitations, now I think I have the tools to rectify those frustrations when I like what I have but know it could be improved. What beautiful sites we visited and made more so without the exertion of walking and climbing to them! A 10-18 lens will be plopping through my letterbox by the end of next week as its now a must have. Lee filters will come but perhaps not until we have a patio to sit on for the summer. I will be writing a shopping list over the next few weeks and asking for you to run your eyes over it before I buy, as you suggested. Thank you again for your professionalism and kindness in equal measures

John Woodland 15 03 2016
Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable day on Thursday. You've really inspired me to make a serious effort with wildlife photography. I learnt a huge amount from both you and Jamie and it gave me a great insight into to hours you've put in to capturing the images in your gallery.
A special thanks for the very generous loan of your lens, Jack, the kingfisher would have been almost invisible otherwise. And thanks to Jamie for making himself late pointing out the bullfinches that I'd have walked straight past. The lunch and cakes were great, Alison, although they made photographing a flying bittern somewhat tricky!. Flapjack everywhere.

Robert Tompkins 09 03 2016
Hi, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for a fantastic day yesterday and your help with my queries (Alison) I saw some wonderful places that I wouldn’t normally see and everything about the day was so enjoyable, even with the rain! Lunch was great and the guys made me feel really at ease
Feel I have learnt so much and can’t wait to put it into practise now, so again thank you so much and next time I’m down I’ll pop in and say hello, maybe have some photos to show how I’ve progessed
All the best

colin brewer 10 12 2015
Ham Wall RSPB I know you cannot predict any sightings of birds but for the tuition that was given gave me the opportunity to photograph Bittern marsh harriers, kingfishers great egrets all I might add in flight. I could not have done without Jack setting up my camera and Jamie's knowledge of wildlife what a duo could not go wrong if I tried. As the saying goes I'll be back you can bet on that. Thanks for making my day boy's and a big thank you to Alison lovely grub yet again.

colin brewer 31 10 2015
Red stag rut 26/10 jack & Jamie as usual at their best found 10 different stags to photo not including all the hinds what a fantastic day was had by all. These two chaps know exactly what they are doing and when to do it very professional always stalk never to chase. A very big thank you also to Alison for keeping up our energy with the lovely food provided.

James and Helen Moore 31 10 2015
A really fabulous day with Jack and Jamie - we both learned so much. Not just about Red Deer, but about all our camera settings - better than any other courses we have attended. Both Jack and Jamie were endlessly patient and the lunch was lovely.
Am about to book the Cuckoo course!

David John 27 10 2015
As a experienced photographer I enrolled on the Deer safari only in order to get close to the Deer not expecting to learn any new photography techniques. However Jack & Jamie taught me a wealth of tricks & tips with their extensive photo knowledge. They obviously knew Exmoor like the back of their hands and were able to get us close to a number of stags and their hinds (always mindful of the need not to disturb them). Camouflaged against the bracken I would never have spotted them on my own.
Our picnic lunch was excellent and cakes and refreshments were supplied throughout the day.
I would recommend this course to anyone even if a experienced photographer as both Jack and Jamie are so informative not only about photography techniques but the wildlife of the moor.
I am sure the other courses they run are equally informative and professionally run.
Thank you Jack, Jamie & Alison for a most enjoyable day

Sandra  27 10 2015
I had booked red deer special for my husband and daughter,things went ahead after a dreadful weather,forecast but WOW mission was accomplished they had a wonderful day, thank you everyone, and a big thank you to Alison for helping me keep the day a surprise until the last possible minute !
Mike T 26 10 2015
Just had my 2nd time out with Exmoor Photography, both days were fantastic. Jack & Jamie are very knowledgable in photography and the Exmoor area, they both work very hard so that you get the best out of the day and your equipment. The courses were well planned, informative, and the food provided was excellent! I will definitely be booking another day in the new year, and would thoroughly recommend the Red Deer Rutting Special, we covered a lot of ground on foot, hands and knees but it was well worth it for the photos, we saw loads of deer thanks to them. Thanks again Jack, Jamie & Alison.
christine marchant(non-registered) 24 10 2015
Most amazing and informative day,we were well looked after, got really close to the red deer without disturbing them,thoroughly recommend this course,you will learn alot

Kit 23 10 2015
A day on the Wildlife Red Deer Rut Special - Jack is a wonderful professional who imparts his extensive photographic knowledge in a really easily understood and patient manner. Every photographic/camera question I asked was answered with enthusiasm and he ensured that I understood his answer. I am now much more able and confident in using my camera's full potential.
Jamie was a terrific guide/deer stalker and tried to get us as close as he thought appropriate to the deer. He is also a great teacher and was on hand throughout the day to give help.
Alison provided a substantial and tasty lunch to ensure energy levels remained high. A great Team.
No hesitation in highly recommending the Exmoor Photography Days or Courses.

Jo W 11 10 2015
I had a fantastic time with Exmoor Photography. Jack and Jamie were very professional and nothing was too much trouble. They both knew the area and deer well and the best spots to find them. With Jack on communications and Jamie stalking they ensured I got plenty of shots of the Red Deer without causing them any stress. Jamie was on hand to help with any adjustment I may had needed to make on the camera to ensure the best shots possible. There was plenty of tea and cake on hand and also lunch, all provided by Alison. It was one of the best days out with my camera. I would not hesitate in booking another course with them and neither should you.

 Peter S 04 10 2015
Although I live in Essex I have been visiting Exmoor for years and more often than not we stay in Porlock. On our previous visit I went into Exmoor Photography and had good chat with Jack about upgrading my camera, what an absolutely friendly and knowledgable chap Jack is. Anyway on his advice I upgraded to a rather posh DSLR bearing in mind Jack didn't sell the camera he recommended. Well much to my surprise my wife booked the course for me in late September when we would be visiting next. Although I was thrilled with the present I was also a little bit apprehensive,
the reason being that I am very deaf and lip read a lot but not to good at it so was concerned I might have to keep asking jack and Jamie to repeat themselves. On the meet and greet I explained the situation to them and they were completely understanding and put me totally at ease. Well all i can say is i had the most fantastic day ever. The new camera which was mostly on auto is no more. i learnt things that no books could ever do. I have come away from this course very confident that I can now take very acceptable photos and thats all thanks to Jack and Jamie. The food supplied by Allison was superb and as much tea and coffee as you could want .

Robert Greaves(non-registered)
I have been a regular visitor to Exmoor for the last 50 years or so and have taken a fair few photos over the last decade. I'm not totally 'wet behind the ears' as far as basic photography goes and I have some decent equipment.
What a revelation this day was! Jack and Jamie were wonderful hosts, imparting their extensive knowledge in a most easy to understand manner. I now have much more confidence in making full use of my camera.
The drinks and flapjacks provided were superb as was the substantial lunch. I was fortunate to have a 1-2-1 day and it is well worth it. I'm already considering another course next year.
This course has my wholehearted recommendation.

“1-2-1 custom Landscape and Wildlife day with Exmoor Photography”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 25 September 2015 Roger P
Firstly before I write the review of my latest course I'd like to say that Exmoor Photography (Jack Clegg) is more than just a course provider. I regularly come down to Exmoor and more often than that drop into the shop to see Jack. I am treated as a friend, filled with coffee, always offered good advice and usually shown (customers permitting) Jack's latest wonderful photos from the moor. Unless I'm very careful Jack will always prise my camera from me and be keen to see my latest endeavours.
Now for my review: I booked a 1-2-1 day with Jack to primarily focus on landscape photography but should any wildlife opportunities arise we would quickly switch modes to cover both aspects. The day for me was perfectly balanced and we covered a great deal but in a way that was informal and with a very comfortable learning style. Much was learnt with techniques honed with some totally new concepts (that will completely change the way I handle a 600mm zoom lens) thoroughly explained. An excellent laminated course guide is referred to throughout the day and is yours to take home at the end of the day for future reference. Quick to assess your ability, Jack soon hones in on areas where improvement is required and spends as long as necessary to achieve that improvement. My day was spread over 4 very different locations and this enabled me to learn new styles and techniques depending upon location. Not only is experience and knowledge provided but a very substantial lunch is also included along with some delicious lemon drizzle cake and flap jack freshly baked by Jack's wife. A 1-2-1 session may be a little more expensive that a normal course but if you want to get the most out of your time with Jack this is the only way to go. Thank-you for a great learning day Jack. Roll on the (repeated for me) Red Deer Rut course next month

Lisa K 21 09 2015
Had the most amazing day wished I'd done it years ago
My Dad and I have had our cameras for a couple of years now and couldn't seem to grasp the basics from manuals and idiots guides.

A day out with Jack soon solved that !
Taking us around the most beautiful spots of Exmoor in his very comfortable vehicle we were armed with flapjack and flasks of tea and coffee and ready to get going.
We learnt, and remembered, so much from reflections to macro and now own a fab little folder of clear notes to refer back to.
Alison made a lovely lunch ( oh the cake ) plenty to drink and we were treated so very well.
Jack is a lovely guy who is made to do this job, extremely professional and very patient, he's exactly what we needed.
I will be placing my orders soon for extra little bits I want for my camera and will be booking another course next year.
All round top experience that I would do all over again in a heartbeat.
Well done guys x

Julie cummings(non-registered) 21 09 2015
7th September.enjoyed the course ,very much jack and Jamie were so great. We had a fun day out in the lovley exmoor countryside.
The course really inspired me to use the camera with more confidence I haven't been on automatic since.cant wait for next year will be booking again.
Just brilliant

Lisa Kingwell – 5 star  19 09 2015
 Absolutely superb. Don't even hesitate to book yourself onto one of Jacks courses.
After having my SLR for over a year I now know how to use it properly and I am over the moon with what I have learnt.
Alison's food is delish and we will be booking another course next year.

Pete Brown 10 09 2015
Had the course as a Christmas present and WOW what a present.Had my camera for three years and never really knew how to use it,I do now and am already seeing the results. I really enjoyed the day the level of instruction was at a good pace, The locations were stunning and the company was perfect and made my present even better. And to top it off great cake. I will be looking for another course to top up my knowledge.
Thanks to Jack and the team and good luck with the BBC lol

Pat and Martin Thompson 25 08 2015
Booked the course as a 60th birthday present for my husband. Having bought a new camera he needed help to make the most of all the camera could offer. I went to be part of the birthday treat and visit wonderful locations on Exmoor, not sure if I would understand shutter speeds, aperture etc. But, as other reviewers have said, the patience and clear tuition from Jack and Jamie was prefect for both a complete beginner such as myself and my husband who was more knowledgeable. I am now the proud owner of the camera I loaned for the course and with the confidence to experiment, plus a new hobby to share with my husband. The whole day was so well organised. Beautiful locations (despite the rain), a really good lunch,(thanks Alison) and the enthusiasm shown by Jack and Jamie was infectious. Many thanks, will be back for more.

Malcolm O  24 August 2015
I had the most amazing day with Jack and Jamie, they both gave very clear and easy to understand instructions, They took me to some fantastic places with outstanding views. I have learnt a lot about how to take better pictures and will hopefully take another course with them next year. This is a great course for anyone wishing to improve their photography skills

Andy Harris 19 08 2015
I have just experienced the most amazing day on the one to one course with Jack and Jamie. The knowledge I have gained and the way it was so patiently imparted by Jack and Jamie is something I will be forever grateful. The experience far exceeded my expectations and as long as my old brain can put all the fantastic techniques into practice, I will be very happy. Many thanks for a brilliant day, superb lunch and your relaxed and friendly company. I would thoroughly recommend anyone whatever their level of knowledge to book a course today!

Simon B 10 08 2015
A very useful 3 hours for two novices, My daughter and I picked the three hour introduction as we could only commit to half a day. Jack and Alison were really friendly and took us to a couple of lovely locations to take us through the basics (and technicalities !) of our digital camera's. So much knowledge passed in such little time, and useful guide notes to take away to refresh when needed.... A refreshing cup of tea and homemade flapjack (thanks Alison) helped along the way. Definitely recommended !

Jeff and Kate sharpe 05 08 2015
We had a really great day with Jack who took us to some lovely parts of the moor and explained in great detail how much of our cameras worked we were taught many new things and took some great photos. The weather was great as were the coffee and cakes. We are now practicing many of the techniques explained and certainly have a better understanding of what we can do with the cameras. Jack is very knowledgeable, patient, friendly and willing to repeat things that were not so easy to understand. All in all a great days activity and much learnt. We will do another next year. Don't hesitate because the visit to new parts of the moor is interesting on its own.

Andrew Freeman 19 07 2015
This is the 2nd course I have attended and it surpassed all my expectations. I have recently upgraded from a Canon 50D to Canon 7D Mark 2 and wanted to understand more about the settings and capabilities of the new camera. A telephone conversation with Alison quickly confirmed the course date and what I hoped to learn from the day. Not a moment of the day is wasted, from the time you arrive at 8:00 am through to leaving at 6:00 pm, it's a day full of advice supported by the excellent course notes. The course I selected this time was the Landscape course but right from the start, wild life photography was incorporated into the day, so full spectrum of photography techniques were covered. We visited great locations across Exmoor, each providing a unique photographic opportunity for learning new skills.Jack & Jamie provided very thorough and in-depth tuition, imparting their own vast knowledge and experience which has expanded my knowledge immensely, with tips and tricks that I would never have gained from "reading the manual". An excellent dinner is provided together with snacks and hot and cold drinks throughout the day. I fully recommend a course with Jack, Jamie and Alison and will be booking my next (3rd) course very soon.

Rob Arundel 29 06 2015
I went on the one day course hoping to learn more about the art of landscape photography and I was not disappointed. Both Jack and Jamie were very knowledgable and their tuition was excellent. We visited various locations including Dunster, Valley of the Rocks and Watersmeet and I discovered what my camera is really capable of. Lunch was included and was great. I would recommend the day course to anyone who wants to improve their photography skills in one of the most scenic areas of the country.

Gwyneth W 29 06 2015
What an amazing day! This is the third photography course that I've been on with Jack and Jamie and I enjoyed the usual attention to detail that Jack excels in. Not only does the participant have laminated notes to take away but Jack is extremely patient during the day, constantly repeating information and checking that it has been retained - absolutely necessary for us oldies! Today we covered most of the bits of my camera that I had never used before, even though I stopped using automatic after the first course, and I have a wonderful set of photos to prove it. If you love photography and want to improve, this is the place for you.

John Fawcett 04 06 2015
Perhaps I may now leave the dunces' cap behind. Jack and Jamies enthusiasm and knowledge has rubbed off. Revision necessary due to age, however, a wonderful day with many opportunities to put into practice new 'skills'!
I recommend the course to newcomers and experienced photographers.

Leonard Edwards 03 06 2015
I attended a one day course in order to expand my photographic skills and familiarise myself with yet another camera. It was a five star day led by two knowledgeable, skilled and enthusiastic photographers, Jack and Jamie. The venues were excellent and used to provide an enjoyable and informative hands on experience. I would certainly recommend the day course what ever your skill level. Jack and Jamie are able to tailor the day to your needs.
I enjoyed the tour of Exmoor between photo shoots and the day was supported by tea, cake and a picnic prepared by Alison, Jack's wife. A day not be missed. Thanks Jack, Jamie and Alison.

Valori Menneer 01 06 2015
A belated thank you to Jack and Jaime for their excellent photography lesson.It was a beautiful sunny day and we had spectacular views over Exmoor. Among the places visited were Watersmeet (with dippers and wagtails), Valley of Rocks (goats and stonechat), and Tarr Steps.With their endless patience and guidance I managed to learn some of the tricks my camera can do, and I thought an automatic camera was so simple! The day was enhanced for me by their enthusiasm and local knowledge.

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